Waltz with a Ghost

The curtain swirls as I pass
And the feeling that lasts
Is a cool melancholy despair

And I trace back my steps
To the ones I just left
And I find myself kissing the air

Something empty inside
Whispers that I can’t hide
From the entity hovering there

But what scares me the most
As I’m drawn to the host
Are entrancing sad rhythms
I waltz with a ghost

The memories haunt
Me of things I did want
But didn’t do as I lay scared

Or the plans that I made
Though not very well laid
And finding I’m never prepared

And I watch the leaves blow
And the shadows that grow
As my soul lays so empty and bared

But what chills me the most
Is a cold spirit toast
Romantically morbid
I waltz with a ghost

Something dreadful I find
Lingers still in my mind
Of the entity hovering there

In the mirror’s design
Of glass pieces that shine
Through cracks leading slowly nowhere

In a desparate plight
Through reflections I fight
Where angels won’t go on a dare

But what kills me the most
I don’t say it to boast
I’ve given up living
To waltz with a ghost

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