Greatest Hits

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An incomplete retrospective of the Artists's work through the years, doubtlessly containing inaccuracies of date

Work through the Years

I want my paintings to take you somewhere.  That “somewhere” may be a concept, an opinion, an observation, or a method or who knows what.  And just because I want to take you somewhere doesn’t mean I know what the destination is myself…

Rob Carlson (Rooktoven)

Artist Biography

Rob Carlson (aka Rooktoven) hates writing bios.  He absolutely sucks at trying to find interesting things to say about himself in a serious manner.  Rather than spend his time writing bios about himself, Rob strives to immerse himself in his art.

Or occasionally, anyway.  OK, weekends and some weeknights.  When he feels it.  And sometimes when he didn’t.  To complement his artistic endeavors, Rob found a career that fits that of the tortured artist.  He immersed himself in the world of computers and networks.  Career path well in hand, Rob continued taking globs of paint, mixing it with other paint and smearing it on surfaces.  He would step back, examine it.  Smear other paint if necessary and wipe paint if the result was less than pleasing.  Or even if it were. It all depends on what music was playing.  Or if the plan was good. Or the inspiration was good.  If he were feeling it. Or not.


Largely self-taught, save for 18 months at North Carolina State University School of Design,  which affected his work for the better.  Rob really is a CTO at moderately large design firm,  but is not tortured.  Network design is design.  It involves experimentation, judgement, analysis and correction. Just like painting.  Occasionally there is a flash of something that just seems to work.  And some projects linger on and on.  The difference is functionality rather than aesthetics.