Greatest Hits

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An incomplete retrospective of the Artists's work through the years, doubtlessly containing inaccuracies of date

Rooktoven-- Work through the Years

I want my paintings to take you somewhere.  That “somewhere” may be a concept, an opinion, an observation, or a method or who knows what.  And just because I want to take you somewhere doesn’t mean I know what the destination is myself…

Rob Carlson (Rooktoven)

Artist Biography

Between Thought and Expression, you know there lies a lifetime. (Lou Reed)

As artists we create worlds, landscapes and topographies, in addition to vignettes.

We can create our own geometry.  Our own realms.

One of the fallacies about Lords of Chaos is that they avoid rules.  Rules can enable many possibilities.  Rules do not negate all paths.
Challenge yourself.  Game the system.

“When Matisse dies,” said Picasso, “Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour is.”
I remember reading that and thinking “Oh really?”  Mind you, I did pick up a great love for Chagall along the way.

My usual aim is to stimulate through color, shape and movement alone without tangible associations and through many different methods.

I don’t need to be nor could I ever be the best physical image painter.  I want to have been known as a great painter.
Artists don’t necessarily work for “forever” they work for the future.